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Tera Ohm Meter

Tera Ohm Meter

A client had been manufacturing various versions of this instrument for over 20 years. The design in production had been designed several years before, but still incorporated manual wiring, with critical components soldered directly to switches to minimize parasitic electrical leakage. The client produced two similar instruments, but the electronics for each was unique. Read more...

Tera Ohm Meter Wastewater Sludge Detector 128 Line High Reliability Hot Swap Phone Switch Fingerprint ID System Brushless DC Motor Driver Retrofit Lung Impedance Analyzer Steganographic Audio Processor Black-I Landshark Ground Vehicle Robot LittleDog Robot PCI Motion Control Interface PHANTOM® Omni™ Force Feedback Joystick RedXDefense iModule RF Power Amplifier Predistortion Engine
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