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"[Bolton's] system of assuring that its choice of electronic components would be available for the projected product life and would be available from multiple sources proved invaluable. Before Bolton became involved with our company, redesigns every two or three years had been common." - Manager, Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Bolton Engineering, Inc. is an award-winning electronic and software development firm in Lawrence, MA, specializing in the design of multi-technology electronic products.

Phased Array Microphone

Phased Array Microphone

Phased Array Microphones greatly improve speech recognition in speech-to-text applications by intelligently combining signals from several fixed-position microphones to "focus in" on the speaker. Acoustic Magic had been contracted to develop a customized low-power version as part of portable military language translator. Read more...

Phased Array Microphone Quadrature Encoder Faxview: A Pocket-Sized Fax Machine Brushless DC Motor Driver Retrofit Wastewater Sludge Detector PHANTOM® Omni™ Force Feedback Joystick Bi-Pedal Research Robot DVI Video Development Board Miniature USB Camera Ambient Dashboard Pharmaceutical Vending Machine Blackfin Stamplet Board and TCP/IP Engine Military Standard 1275D Power Supply
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