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"Bolton has brought our company excellent communication methodologies and predictability of deliverables. These two areas have given us the confidence to plan our product releases with confidence." - Head of Engineering Department

Bolton Engineering, Inc. is an award-winning electronic and software development firm in Lawrence, MA, specializing in the design of multi-technology electronic products.

Bi-Pedal Research Robot

Bi-Pedal Research Robot

Professor Gill Pratt at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering hired Bolton Engineering to develop a custom high-speed, low-latency interface between his multi-axis bi-pedal robot, and a control computer. Bolton Engineering constructed three boards to replace student-designed boards that had proven to be noisy and unreliable. Read more...

Bi-Pedal Research Robot Synthesized Sine Wave Generator Molecular Characterization Detector Military Standard 1275D Power Supply DVI Video Development Board Wastewater Sludge Detector Canoe Controller for the Handicapped 128 Line High Reliability Hot Swap Phone Switch Tera Ohm Meter Fingerprint ID System PHANTOM® Omni™ Force Feedback Joystick LittleDog Robot RedXDefense iModule
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